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We advise and assist EMEA’s
leading businesses in the use of
cutting-edge approaches for the
creation of sophisticated digital products
Core competencies
Full-scale Agile model
Agile pilot
Digital factory
Agile coaching
Digital transformation
Organizational change
Today's business leaders are facing
unprecedented challenges
A rapidly changing world and increasing competition are placing ever greater demands on business. Companies have to adapt fast or face being left behind. Whatever their industry, business leaders have to find new ways to address a myriad of challenges to deliver a range of ambitious goals.
Meet customer needs with an effective value proposition.
Be the number one choice in the market, offering B2B and B2C synergy.
Provide a smooth omnichannel/digital experience by leveraging and creating state-of-the-art technology solutions.
Launch new products faster by responding promptly to market changes.

Holistic Approach
A holistic, multidisciplinary approach is required to address these challenges

Hello! We are Dmitry Papusha and Alexey Yan, the founders of Stadik

When you put your business in the hands of a consulting agency, you need to be confident that the people you work with are both reliable and trustworthy.

This is never easy

Read on to learn about our expertise and how we can help grow your business

Let's look at some specific situations and challenges

Developing the product creation process and switching to an agile approach can affect many departments and functions. This can lead to several challenges, such as:

* New working models require changes in organizational structure, reporting lines, and staffing

* Without good communication, rapid changes can be confusing and scary for employees, this prevents them from reaching their goals

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How do we approach these challenges?

We adapt industry best practices to suit your company's capabilities

  • We scrutinize customer journey maps (CJMs) and competitive benchmarks to get your business priorities right

  • We analyze employee experience (EJM/eNPS) and then adapt the screening and onboarding process, improving the retention of valuable team members

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Our projects

  • We have helped the HR department of a global corporation to deal with changes in its agile transformation process, including understanding new roles, setting and allocating goals by department

  • We have piloted agile approaches, such as launching a mobile app for the store director at one leading retailer

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How we work

  • We came to consulting with practical experience in digital product creation and process management, ranging from the development of cryptographic services and product management at Russia’s leading search engine, to software management for a bank and HR processes in game development

  • We’re proficient with classic team frameworks (Scrum, Kanban) and scaling frameworks (SAFe, Less, Agile@Scale), but we also know how to adapt models to meet the specific needs of our clients

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Dmitry Papusha, Co-founder

I specialize in the piloting of both product and agile approaches, as well as process optimization for clients in the banking, Internet, and gaming industries.

At Stadik, we have helped implement major digital transformation projects, giving us a good understanding of how to make this journey quicker and easier.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge of industry best practices.

Alex Ian, Co-founder

I specialize in transforming customer journeys and creating new retail, telecoms, and financial services products.

These transformations span the entire organization, affecting strategy, structure, processes, people, and the IT operating model.

The most challenging part of the transformational process is changing people's work culture and behavior. I look forward to helping you complete this journey faster.

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